General Information

Feature Image: Thermal Pool at Yarrangobilly


The Music

An old time jam session is held every day with various leaders.  As well as playing music at lunchtime and night, you will have the opportunity to play in a cave, a country pub, in an Old Time session at a folk festival and in a session with Australian players on the last night in Canberra City at a cafe/bar.

Session leader Ross Smithard has been playing music all his life on a range of stringed instruments and currently plays in a number of bands in Tasmania.

Dave O’Neill multi-instrumentalist, will also lead jam sessions on days he joins the tour.

The Walking

Walking is not mandatory.  Walking will take place every other day for 1-3 hours and will work to the capacity of the group as we get to know you.  Walking the trails will give you a sense of this remote and ancient land, with different smells and sounds and its own unique flora and fauna.

Walking tracks are goat and fire trails and will require sturdy comfortable shoes